C’est Chaud

The Night Kitchen is an independently owned, neighbourhood pizzeria that has proudly been serving artisanal, thin crust pizza since 1999 and now, we have the pleasure of introducing C’est Chaud, our copper edition wood fired pizza oven.
Cest Chaud logo
Our scratch baked wood fired pizza combines handmade sauces and dough with a host of locally grown ingredients. Cooked in the ancient manner using Maple, Oak and Apple wood to fuel our oven. When burned, these woods produce an intense, consistent heat, while imparting a sumptuous aroma.

The two minute cook time allows us to retain the fresh and vibrant flavours of minimally stressed ingredients while still achieving a crispy crust that has the perfect amount of char and character. We’re fast and delicious and ready to roll.

See upcoming events or book your own at CestChaud.ca.